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Doctor Who

"The wisest, cleverest people in the world!" -Russell T Davies

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The Doctor Who community on LiveJournal
"The point about LINDA is that they forget the Doctor after a while, and make friends. They're genuinely good mates. That's what good fandom does. It's real passion, and connection, and fun. And that's not said often enough." -Russell T Davies

Hello! This is the community for stuff to do with Doctor Who, its spinoffs and its numerous lovely alumni. Contact your friendly neighbourhood mods at the Page A Mod post or doctorwhomods at gmail dot com with any problems, queries or comments; don't post them to the community. Thanks!

  • You bring us exciting new news? Exciting! Let's just have a glance at the front page and the relevant tag, be it spoilers or casting or whatever, to make sure we haven't heard already. If we haven't, we need to, so post to tell us! If we have, we don't so much need to, and your post might have to be deleted. That would make us very sad. Please don't make us sad.

  • Put spoilers ('plot elements not revealed early in the narrative') for recent and upcoming episodes behind an lj-cut.

  • Images or videos wider than 600 pixels also go behind an lj-cut, as does any gratuitously large or colourful text.

  • You may post icons and fanfic, but please put them behind an lj-cut. The usual brief intro to a fic/teaser icons are of course fine.

  • Speaking of fic: fanworks are welcome here, but this is a family community, so explicit content is subject to our discretion.

  • Be kind to our epileptic members: remember to warn them if you post things that flash.

  • Public discussion of illegal filesharing (posting downloads, requests for them, explaining where to find them) will not be tolerated.

  • Be patient with new members, don't use derogatory language about other fans, no stirring. Yes, we can tell.

  • No racism, classism, sexism, ageism, sizeism, disablism (we don't want to hear "spaz" or "retarded", for instance) or any other ism I didn't think of while writing this. Or homophobia. Just don't be thick, and we'll get along gangbusters. On that note: when we discuss sensitive topics such as racism and other isms, don't do any of this, this, this, or this, but this and this may help.

  • There's an excellent post on common pitfalls in the discussion of queer representation or the lack thereof in Doctor Who here. Do try not to fall down the pit.

  • Discussion of subjects likely to be hurtful or upsetting for some readers, like rape and sexual assault, needs to go behind an lj-cut in posts clearly marked as being for that purpose.

  • Try to remember your opinions aren't facts, and to state them as such. Discuss your preferences in an intelligent manner; wank, bashing, trolling and puerile insults are unwelcome. And that goes for everything: flaming people really isn't cool.

  • Please don't delete comments, not for any reason. One of the mods may screen comments under certain circumstances, but please, please do not do it yourself. If you get problematic comments, just tell us.

There are a few extra things to remember when episodes are airing.

  • Before any episode airs, one of the mods will make a 'squee post'. This is where you put your comments, reactions and excited bouncings.

  • If you would like to link to an off-comm review, please also do it in the comments to this post.

  • Any short, squee-post-type posts will be deleted. This is to save everyone's flists: make use of the reactions posts, they're fun.

  • You may of course post longer reviews to the community, but please remember to cut any spoilers.

We highly recommend the newbieguide to Whodom on lj and the indispensable who_daily, torchwood_three and soniclipstick newsletters.

You may enjoy The Doctor Who Fan's Phrasebook and its supplement by Keith Topping; we did!

You should really check out The Ten Doctors at Rich's ComixBlog: it's fantastic!

Our lovely affiliates:
brisbanewho, the Brisbane Doctor Who fan club,
loves_them_all, the all-companions discussion community,
dwtwprompts, the Doctor Who and Torchwood fic prompts community,
ten_support, the Tenth Doctor fan community,
geek_girls_anon, the general sci-fi fangirl community,
tardis_caps, the crack roleplaying community,
brb_gallifrey, the lulzy Doctor Who community,
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dt_adoratrices, the Spanish David Tennant community,
fishy_custard, the Doctor Who silliness community,
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doctor_veronica, the Doctor/Veronica Mars community,
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queen_gillan, the Karen Gillan fan community,
karenstills, the Karen Gillan stillness contest,
who_reversebang, the Whoniverse Reverse Bang community,
torchwhostills, the Doctor Who and Torchwood icontest community,
torchwood_fest, the Torchwood fanfic fest community,
terror_scifi, the gothic/sci-fi/fantasy/horror fiction writing and discussion community,
slashorific, the community for all slash fans,
ficartunited, the art/fiction collaboration community,
and the Children of Time fanworks awards.

You may care to bear in mind the wise words of Mark Waid when you post here: 'I generally believe that hate and vitriol should be reserved for people who deliberately try to do you harm, not people who try and sometimes fail to entertain you.'

And remember MST3K:
If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts,
Just repeat to yourself 'It's just a show,
I should really just relax!'

Art by besnovatoye!

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