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Looking for a few more panelists for the costume track at Wholanta!

PS Note the updates!

Hi list members!

We're looking for panelists for the costuming track for Wholanta 2019. Please PM ME with any panels that you would like to be on. 2-3 requests tops, please. 1st come, 1st served. No guarantees that anyone will be a panelist. If you have never been a panelist at Tinegate/Wholanta, we have a brief form that needs to be filled out before consideration as a panelist.


Here are the panels that still need panelists!


New Who Cosplay: The Doctors
7 PM

(1 panelist needed--New Who Doctor in costume.)

Cosplay Is Not Consent
8 pm

(3 panelists needed.)


Cosplaying as a Person of Color
10 AM

(1 panelist needed)

Props and More
12 noon

(1 propmaker needed)

Wigs 101
1 pm

(2 wig wearers needed)

Comfort and Costuming/Cosplay
2 pm

(2 panelists needed)

New Who Cosplay: The Guest Stars
4 pm

(3 panelists needed)


New Who Cosplay: The Companions
11 am

(1 panelist in costume as a New Who companion)

Cosplay Is For Everyone
12 Noon

(1 panelist needed)

Classic Who Costuming: The Guest Stars
2 pm

(1 panelist in costume)
Tags: clothes and cosplay, events and gatherings, tegan

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