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Wholanta 2019 Wardrobe Portal panels -- Call for panelists!

Hi list members!

We're looking for panelists for the costume track for Wholanta 2019. Please PM me ASAP with any panels that you would like to be on. 2-3 requests tops, please. 1st come, 1st served. No guarantees that anyone will be a panelist. If you have never been a panelist at Tinegate/Wholanta, we have a brief form that needs to be filled out before consideration as a panelist.

IMPORTANT: Please let me know before this FRIDAY if you want to be a panelist. The con schedule will be set on this SATURDAY.

Wholanta is held May 3rd through 5th, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel. for all the con's information, including memberships and guests attending.

Here are the panels, beneath the cut.

The knitting panel and the Show'n'Tell panel don't need panelists, just audience participation and enjoyment. :)


New Who Cosplay: The Doctors
7 PM

Cosplay Is Not Consent
8 pm

Classic Who Costuming: The Companions
9 pm

Share Your Fannish Knitting and Crafts
10 pm on


Classic Who Costuming: The Doctors
11 am

Props and More
12 noon

Wigs 101
1 pm

Comfort and Costuming/Cosplay
2 pm

3 pm

New Who Cosplay: The Guest Stars
4 pm


New Who Cosplay: The Companions
11 am

12 noon (Closed)

Cosplay Is For Everyone
1 pm

Classic Who Costuming: The Guest Stars
2 pm

We Raid the Wardrobe One Last Time (manned by staff who field
costume/cosplay questions for the last Wardrobe Portal panel ever)
3 PM

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