Jenni Cole (lilferret) wrote in doctorwho,
Jenni Cole

Gallifrey One - 25 Glorious Years - 02/14/14-02/16/14 - Photos!

Had yet another fantastic weekend in Los Angeles at Gallifrey One. This was our 4th Gally, and it has never failed to be amazing. As usual, there were 5 millions guests (well, close enough). We sat through a LOT of panels, so I have photos galore. There are photos of Billie Piper, Arthur Darvill, Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Mark Sheppard, and many, many more!

With no further ado...

Here are a few sample photos as well as the full size photos in zip files. I've listed the parties in each file. They're separated by day.

Over here at my journal...
Tags: arthur darvill, billie piper, colin baker, gallifrey, paul mcgann, picspam
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