greenpear (greenpear) wrote in doctorwho,

Much Ado About Orchids - a trailer mashup

If I asked you to name me an odd Doctor Who story that doesn't feel like a Doctor Who story I'd bet you'd tell me "Black Orchid". It plays out more like an Agatha Christie story rather than anything sci-fi. Another oddity is there's no monster in it. It also shows why three companions were two companions too many. The only thing Adric did was eat and, and, and... And Tegan got to dance in a Flapper's outfit. It was a great idea of getting back to doing stories that are something pseudo-historical is a fine idea but coming right after The Visitation it pales in comparison.

But the one thing it had was lots of party scenes and that's exactly what I needed for this mashup. I used Black Orchid to recreate the Joss Whedon "Much Ado About Nothing" trailer.

I did this vid as I realized one evening that I had not, in quite a while, created anything artistically for a while and I needed to let off some steam.

Video under the cut.

Much Ado About Orchids from greenpear on Vimeo.

Tags: peter davison, videos
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