daxcat79 (daxcat79) wrote in doctorwho,

Fic: Our Lives Unraveled (Part Two)

Our Lives Unraveled

Author: daxcat79
Rating: R
Pairing: River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Madame Vastra/Jenny Flint, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, River Song/Tenth Doctor
Characters: River Song, Eleventh Doctor, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax, Rory Williams, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald
Genre: Romance, Fix-it, Drama, Psychological Trauma, Insanity (the serious kind), Action/Adventure, Humor, Alternate Universe, Angst
Summary: Sometimes the universe gives us tiny miracles, and sometimes it rewrites history for us. The universe does care about the Doctor, and it’s finally going to prove it, but at what cost?
A/N: I won’t be able to update this fic quite as often since I’m working extra hours for the next few weeks, but I’ll certainly try not to keep you guys waiting long.
Disclaimer: Moffat can do whatever he’d like with Doctor Who (he owns it), but fan fiction belongs to us!

Part Two: Remember It Twice
Tags: river song, stories
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