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Community membership approval

We've just activated moderated membership for this community. That means that if someone new clicks 'Join', we'll have to approve their membership. We love new members here, and we're doing this only to dissuade the many spambots that have been joining the community lately due to its popularity as one of the biggest communities on livejournal. We've just had to reject 20 of them in the last 20 minutes.

Spambots tend to have newly-created journals with no posts and no friends. If your livejournal is brand new, perhaps because you've just created it to join the fun at doctorwho, I suggest you post something on your journal, your profile, or maybe send a Private Message to one of the moderators to show you're not a spambot, you're a Doctor Who fan!

If you think your membership application has been rejected unfairly, please send us a Private Message so we can fix it.

You can 'Watch' the community - that is, add it to your friends page - without being a member but membership is required to post entries and comments on the comm and to read the members-only entries.

Thank you.
Tags: modpost, news

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