Natalie (jaggedshards) wrote in doctorwho,

Doctor Who fanfiction beta wanted

Hello there. I'm a first time DW fanfiction writer, and I'd love to have a beta to edit my fanfic First Impressions. It involves mainly New!Who, and focuses around Rose Tyler and the Doctor's lives. I'd appreciate general help with my punctuation and tenses, but especially to check my characterisations. I've posted it on my lj, and also on AO3.

This isn't the first time I've written anything, but it has been about 6 years since I last uploaded anything. And when I did, I was utter rubbish at it. Now that I'm older, more mature and (hopefully) know what I'm doing this time, I'd really appreciate something to really look and work through it alongside me. I want to improve my writing skill as much as possible. 

And don't worry, I won't bite. If you're interested, or have any other questions comment or PM me. Thank you very much. ;)
Tags: questions and requests, stories
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