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Happy Friday!

Today is a great day everyone!
Doctor Who anniversary is today! I missed it last year, because during that time I just happened not to look at a calender throughout the whole month. To make up for that, I have written a glorious story about all the Doctors gathering together for their birthday and hilarity ensues. Enjoy!
Title: Birthday in Vegas Pt. 1
Characters: All the Doctors, 1-11
Summary: It is their 1,000th birthday, and each of the eleven Doctors will have an experience they'll NEVER forget.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

Birthday in Vegas Pt. 1

"The thing about you," said the Sixth Doctor to the Eighth Doctor "is that you're too forgetful." They were at their 1000th birthday party with eight other Doctors in a pub in east London. "I am not forgetful," said Eight indignantly. "Wait, what were we talking about? Where are we? Who are you?"

Six sighed, patted Eight's brown hair, and walked over to the Seventh Doctor. "That's just-," said Six and sighed again, for once at a loss for words. Seven frowned. "I can't believe I'll become him one day," he said as he ducked a stray cricket ball, the seventh one in an hour. The Tenth Doctor wasn't as lucky, and was hit in the chest.

"It's a hit!" cheered the Fifth Doctor and he waved his cricket bat, which almost hit the Third Doctor. He managed to dodge it at the last minute and he glared at Five. Ten stood up. "I know you're my favorite Doctor and all, but if you want war, then it's ON!" he said as he took out a water pistol.

"Boys, boys, we can all be peaceful now, hmm?" said the First Doctor, sensing a fight. "Shut up, old man," muttered Five, who was busy preparing to whack Ten with his cricket bat. One was outraged. "It's on!" he yelled as he hit Five with a crumpet.
Soon enough, cricket bats, water pistols, and buttered crumpets turned into banana pies, carrot cakes, blue sonic screwdrivers and a recorder ("Hey, that's mine!" said the Second Doctor as he retrieved it.).

The other Doctors, except the Ninth Doctor and Eight, got out of the war zone through the back door and filed out onto the sidewalk. "What do we do now?" asked the Eleventh Doctor as a carrot and jelly baby cake flew out of a nearby window and landed by his feet.

The Fourth Doctor, ever the optimist, took out six plates and forks, loaded the plates with cake and handed them out to the Doctors while Three said, "I still have that bank account with UNIT. We could take out some money and go to Las Vegas."

"Vegas!" exclaimed Seven. "We have enough money for that?" Before Three could answer the back door opened and Nine came out. He struggled to close the door as some pies and Five's sonic screwdriver came out.

Nine supported himself against the door after he closed it and gasped, "That was worse than the Time War." The other Doctors had heard of the War, (one Doctor lived through it) and they all raised their eyebrows. It couldn't be that bad, could-

BOOM! A part of the pub exploded. "We were renting that," whispered Eleven in horror. As they watched the fire engines drive down the road Four turned to Nine and asked, "Cake?"


The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th Doctors waited outside the bank as the 3rd Doctor took out his money from his UNIT account. Six was gobbling down more cake, Four passed around jelly babies, Two and Seven did a recorder/spoon duet (it was horrible), and Eleven arranged his bow ties.

They had sat there for thirty minutes when Six asked, "Why did we leave Eight back there again?" They all shrugged. "Let's just hope he got out before the explosion," said Eleven. "But if he tried to get out with the r-rest of them, he'd forget why he was getting out," retorted Seven, rolling an r.

That left them in an awkward silence until Three burst out of the bank and thundered down the steps a few minutes later. All the movement jostled Nine awake and as rubbed his eyes he said groggily, "That took you look enough." Three frowned. "There were long lines. I knew I shouldn't have switched my account to Lloyd's back in 2010!"

"There doesn't seem to be many people out," pointed out Two. He was right. The parking lots were empty. Three grunted. "Alright, it took a while for the teller to get all my cash out in ones," he said. "Why did you ask for ones?" questioned Two. "So it would be harder for you to spend it all!" Three retorted.

"I do not waste money!" Two protested.

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

Two and Three glared at each other.

"So…." asked Nine, trying to defuse the situation. "How are we going to Vegas?"

Six laughed. "The TARDIS of course."

"But which one?" asked Eleven.

"Mine!" said Six and Seven. "Mine!" they repeated, now getting at each other's faces, "Mine!"

"Roll a die!" said Eleven franticly. They both instantly cooled down and moved away from each other. "I'll take the even numbers!" said Six. "Why?" asked Seven. "Six is even and Seven is odd," explained Six. "How about if I want to have even numbers?" asked Seven. "You snooze you lose pal," said Six. Before they argued further, Eleven rolled the die. It came out on a 4. Six stood up. "Hah!" he cheered. "My TARDIS everyone!"

Everyone followed him around a corner and down an alley to Six's TARDIS. "I thought it used to be cleaner," mused Eleven. Six glared at him. "Watch it baby face," he warned. Nine rolled his eyes. "You too, Big Ears," Six added. Nine cared enough to look insulted. Before he could retort, a voice from outside the alley said, "You were going to leave without us?"

The voice revealed itself to be Ten, with Five, One, and Eight in tow. "You all seemed busy," said Two awkwardly. Everyone nodded in agreement to that statement, even Three. Five frowned. "It's still our birthday," he said. "It's also our birthday, and you were ruining it for us," said Nine. "You can't blame all of us for that. Five was the one who started it," whined Ten. Everyone turned to Five. "S-sorry?" he stuttered, uncomfortable with the situation. The conversation abruptly ended when the TARDIS light flickered once. "The TARDIS is impatient," explained Six. When no one moved he added hastily, "Come on!"

When everyone filed in and Six put in the coordinates One asked Three, "How much money to you exactly have, my boy?" Three thought for a while and said, "Around 690,000 pounds. Yep, definitely over 600,000." Everyone gaped at him. "What?" he asked, not really getting it. Suddenly the TARDIS lurched.

Nine glared at Six. "Get a grip on your TARDIS, man!" Six raised an eyebrow and grinned. "I'm not controlling the TARDIS," he said. Seven popped around the console beside Six and looked sheepish. "Sorry, we agreed that I will control the TARDIS. Just got a bit distracted there with the cash."

He pulled a lever and the TARDIS landed. Five looked at the scanner. Everyone held their breath as they awaited the results. "We're here!" he said. Everyone but Eight cheered, since he was confused again. "Where are we?" asked Eight. Six sighed and knocked heads with him. "Oww… wait, I'm the Doctor!" Eight said proudly.

"Finally, a breakthrough!" muttered Seven. Four came from within the TARDIS with a bucket full of jelly babies yelling, "It's time to PARTY!"

As everyone ran out to the bars and casinos, the Sixth Doctor locked the TARDIS. "It seems like it will be a long night, eh, old girl?" he whispered as he ran off to join the others.


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