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I don't know how many of you are in the area, but since we don't often have Doctor Who meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area, I took it upon myself to put one together. I'm going to cross-post this from my Tumblr post, and if you would like to go to that post and reblog it, that would be much appreciated. But here.

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: 12:00 PM. We’ll lose sunlight faster, so the earlier, the better
Location: The unnamed meadow directly across the street from the east half of Spreckels Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Here’s a screencap just in case, red star:

This will be a potluck cosplay picnic style of gathering, so please bring a dish and your own picnic blanket if you can, and I will also be bringing food. If I can get a headcount, I’d like to bring Christmas crackers for the attendees. I’ve linked a Google spreadsheet below, so please put down what food you plan on bringing because I know that with gatherings we tend to end up with more baked goods than anything else and not enough solid food (or drinks).  It’ll be winter (almost), so if you’re able to bring a thermos of hot water/coffee/hot cocoa, that’d also be great!

There’ll be Christmas cookie decorating, and there will be games to play, like the Weeping Angel freeze tag that was going around Tumblr. And of course, if you have them, wear your costumes!! They always make everything more fun and that’s what this is an excuse for, yeah?

I also wanted to do a white elephant gift exchange. I know that Secret Santas have a tendency to fall apart if you’re not really on top of things, but if you’d like to participate, bring a gift (under $15), and we’ll make it happen. There’ll be a column on the spreadsheet for whether or not you’re participating. If we don’t get six participants we won’t do it.

If we do end up with a week’s notice of some awful weather, we might have to move the gathering indoors, like to the Westfield Mall at the Powell BART station, so stay posted on that front if you can. And since I know we lose light faster in the winter, when it gets dark anyone left can switch gears and head to Westfield from the park so that we can still hang out. We just can’t run around as easily.

I’ve made this handy-dandy Google Doc for organising the gathering in case we get a larger number of people, because it’d be nice to be able to keep tabs on that. Please put down your name, your Tumblr URL, who you’ll be dressed as if you are so inclined, what food you’ll be bringing, and where you are coming from so that if anyone might need a ride/you don’t want to take BART alone or anything like that, you can collaborate with them.

Thank you very much, and spread the word if you can!

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