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BARROWMAN! *fist shake*

John and Carole Barrowman were in St. Paul, MN tonight signing their new book. And this happened.

Not enough SQUEE!

There is not enough squee in the world. My buddies and I all still have excitement induced hangovers. He was utterly charming (as was his sister) and nice. I made an ass of myself first go around (my joke fell flat and I was so nervous that I just was weird) but was lucky enough to have a friend about 100 folks behind me in line. I was able to keep him company in line and then take a photo with him. Much better second time around.

You can't see the shirt, but I'm totally wearing my union jack shirt and my Rose jacket. Too much going on for him to notice but it was still fun, since the other Whovian geeks recognized what was up. :)
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