beauty_n_niqab (beauty_n_niqab) wrote in doctorwho,

What a surprise!

While trick or treating with my girlfriend and her daughters we walked down to the local park where folks were handing out candy and i walk past this gentleman..i didn't think much at first until i *really* looked and thought to myself ...hey wait a minute!
Pinstripe suit, square glasses, sticky-uppy hair, converse...Could it be?

The Doctor halloween (1)
i walked up to him and went "Excuse me, are you The Doctor?"
He said i was the only person to recognize him, and he was very happy. i asked i f i could take a picture and he said yes.
He even struck a Doctor pose!
Then we compared sonic screwdrivers (mine's just the keychain one)

He let me give him a hug.

The Doctor halloween (2)
After that i smiled at him and said ""I just wanted to say 'Hello! Hello, Doctor! It's so very nice to meet you' "
i made his night by finally recognizing him..and my night was made.


Tags: clothes and cosplay
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