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My review of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Doctor Who in actually scary villain shocker!

The Doctor and Ace land on the planet Segonax and head for the Psychic Circus where they meet an assortment of visitors such as the pompous explorer Captain Cook, his companion Mags (who is actually a werewolf), the biker Nord, and a snotty little oik known as Whizzkid.

The circus itself is dominated by the sinister Chief Clown and his troupe of robot clowns, who organise a talent contest for the visitors. The only audience members are a family of a mother, father, and a little girl. In reality the family are the Gods of Ragnarok, immensely powerful beings who insist on being entertained. Should an act fail to entertain them, the poor sods are destroyed.

It's been a long time since Doctor Who has had a genuinely scary villain, and the Chief Clown is just that. His hand movements reminded me of Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentlemen. Yeah, thanks. Like I needed to be reminded of that show. Brrr.

Lots of love for Jessica Martin as Mags the werewolf. Who doesn't love a werewolf?

Whizzkid doesn't seem to be all that annoying. Sure, he's basically a swipe at the more obsessive Doctor Who fans, but he dies in the end so that's okay. Captain Cook is a suitably blustering old fool, what? he keeps telling tales of his own awesomeness, but when the time comes for him to show just how awesome he is he obviously chickens out.

Special mention should go to the Doctor's unflinching walk at the end when the Psychic Circus blows up at the end. Sylvester McCoy is a braver man than I.

I find it unfair when the seventh Doctor is regarded as the 'Crap Doctor'. I could never say that any of his stories are bad. Yes, I even like Silver Nemesis and I will defend my love of that story to my dying breath. So there.

It isn't really relevant to this post, but I do non-Doctor Who reviews on my lj page if anybody's interested. The next one will be Leprechaun 4: In Space. No, really.
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