corinnacat (corinnacat) wrote in doctorwho,

Bad Wolf Project: Toronto

So there was a post a few days ago about the Bad Wolf Project...well now it's coming to Toronto!



So teapartyinthetardis  and I are bringing the Bad Wolf Project to Toronto!
If you haven't heard about the Bad
Wolf Project, you can find out about it HERE  (and the posters you print out are there too!) 
So, if you live in the GTA, come and help us cover the city!

We will be meeting April 23rd (the day of the Series 6 premiere!) at 11:00 at the statue outside of Union Station.
 We would love to know if you're coming!  You can head on over to our event on Facebook or feel free to send me a message in my ask box on tumblr!

Hope to see you there! =D
Tags: events and gatherings, fun, international
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