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not The Hungry Earth, but because of it.

i'm waiting to potentially post my reaction to The Hungry Earth after the second part airs, but there's one thing about its initial premise that bothers me a great deal as it regards the larger plot arc.

in my review of the weeping angel two-parter, i praised the treatment of the overarching plot arc as being something active as opposed to passive. The integration of the crack in the wall into the plot and its resolution was pretty significant and had the potential to drive the rest of the series; something that it seemed to imply doing from the end of the episode where the Doctor says that he needs to 'sort amy out'.

exactly what it means to sort amy out is still yet to be made clear, although it seems to imply the doctor playing relationship counselor, and although i'm willing to still give this direction benefit of the doubt, the premise behind The Hungry Earth makes me rescind some of my prior praise, making me now kind of wish that the weeping angels episode and the crack revelation came a little later.

i can buy that maybe part of the crack problem can be resolved by saving Amy and Rory's relationship, so the premise of Vampires of Venice, while puzzling, was a journey i was willing to abide by. Amy's Choice didn't drive forward the crack plot, but that's similarly forgiveable because that plot was driven by circumstances outside of the protagonists' control.

but now, we have The Hungry Earth. If we are still driven by a premise that the resolution of the crack plot is based around amy and rory's relationship and wedding day, then even if the Doctor shows *some* prescience about the mining deal because of the ground feeling strange, going off to take a look at the situation for curiosity's sake instead of going to Rio cheapens the urgency of dealing with what should be the more urgent matter at hand, which is the crack in time and space and the Silence.

that's an unfortunate thing for me; the Doctor isn't the sort of person who would allow something like that to Just Sit (End of Time Ood avoidance aside), and even the attitude that Amy has regarding going to Rio seems to have less to do with dealing with the crack which has haunted her her whole life that she very recently started to get more answers to and more to do with wanting to go on vacation.

Which translates to me as: the awareness and use of the crack in the Weeping Angels episodes was used as a teaser and as a loose means of justifying Rory becoming a passenger of the TARDIS and nothing more than that, and that's disappointing. better to have found a different way to get Rory into the TARDIS, put the crack awareness with the weeping angels episode later, say, episodes 8-9, and then drive that to the end of the series.

just my two pence.

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