leelakin (leelakin) wrote in doctorwho,

Thought about The Hungry Earth

This isn't a review or anything, just something I noticed. So uh... just a tiny tiny spoiler for the ep.

So this episode was supposed to be set 10 years in the future... and the people thought the TARDIS was some sort of "transport pod" (from the outside) and weren't fazed much at all? Methinks that this is another weird timeline mix-up that might be crack-related or whatever.
I also think that the Rory/Amy they've seen waving might not be from 10 years in the future but rather themselves from later in the season or from a parallel reality... *scratches head*

(Also... am I the only one who found the atmosphere really strange in some of the scenes? Like when the Doctor was talking to Ambrose by the van? I wonder what's going on there.)
Tags: discussion, speculation

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