tenthrose (tenthrose) wrote in doctorwho,

Adventures in Time and Space game: seeking GM

Hello! A while ago, I had an ad in here for people to play Adventures in Time and Space with me. At the moment, we've got around six people (including myself) interested, but none of us really want to GM, hence this ad.

Our list of characters is likely as follows:

[Mickey or Martha]
[an OC, or Sarah Jane]
[Either a Dalek, which I have attempted to talk this person out of, or an OC]

The time is looking as if it will be UK evenings, and we'll be doing this online, likely either IM or livejournal.

I would prefer if our GM had at least played Adventures in Time and Space before, or had experience GMing anything online. If you've previously GMed AiTS, that would be brilliant (and my first choice), but it isn't necessary. However, if more than one person wants to GM (and I don't know what to expect), experience is one of the main things I/we will judge on. It might also help if you've got some nice long plotty fics. You'll also need to be able to devote some time to this, obviously.

While I have been, up to this point, the person who has been organising this, I will obviously hand that role over to the GM, if they wish to take it. 
Tags: roleplaying

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