Hilary (elenopa) wrote in doctorwho,

Season 5 finale

Today I was thinking about the final episode (don't know anything about it, so no spoilers please), and wishing for a happy ending for once.

In the history of New Who, we haven't yet had a really happy ending.

Season 1: Doctor regenerates
Season 2: Goodbye Rose
Season 3: Doctor looses the Master and Martha leaves
Season 4: Goodbye Rose (again), Doctor wipes Donna's memory and he is left alone
Specials: Doctor regenerates

Just for once, I would like a happy, everyone lives, ending to the season. How about Amy and Rory get married, the Doctor gives her away, and then the final scene is them all in the tardis and the Doctor asks them where they want to go on honeymoon?

Of course, the Christmas special would be the honeymoon gone wrong.
Tags: speculation

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