The Renaissance Geek (rengeek) wrote in doctorwho,
The Renaissance Geek

So, while it seems that most people are opposed to a concept of a Disney or Dreamworks or Fox-produced feature-length animated film for kids, I wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea to come up with an animated Doctor Who educational kids show, targeted specifically at the 6-12 age audience, that would belong on the British equivalent of PBS Kids and would be somewhat a blend of Liberty's Kids and Magic School Bus.
The basic idea would be the Doctor taking a couple of kids (maybe stowaways?) on adventures throughout history and space where the kids (and the audience) learn about the places and times they went to, exploring scientific stuff, historical people and events and even other cultures, maybe while having to take care of the stray Zygon or Sontaran, with maybe the bonus of an Aesop at the end. It'd be a return to the classic historical episodes, as well as just a real back to roots idea as Verity and Sydney imagined the show originally to be.

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