zannid (zannid) wrote in doctorwho,

Christmas Ornaments

Hello! I'm new to the community so I'm unsure if this has been brought up before but I've come to notice that Doctor Who HAS NO CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. I am boggled by the fact that such a huge franchise seems to have no ornaments available. Now, I would love to be wrong about this, but I've been looking on google and ebay (even ebay UK) and nothing has shown up. So, does anyone know why there aren't any ornaments? With how many regenerations the Doctor has and all of the companions and monsters, there's plenty of chance for profit, and it's not as if it's a little known series.

If there really aren't any ornaments out there, would anyone be interested in signing a "petition" that states that you would be interested in buying some if they were ever made? While I understand it may not work, I feel it's worth a try. My tree needs more Time Lord and I'm sure yours could use some too!
Tags: sundry merchandise
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