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Trivia fact: If you decided to sit down and watch the complete canonical Whoniverse in one sitting without toilet breaks, sleep or anything else, it'd take you 15 days, 19 hours and 36 minutes to get through One-Ten, Torchwood, Sarah Jane, even K-9 & Company.

• Original Doctor Who TV series (The first through seventh Doctors) 696 eps.
672 episodes ×25 min.
+2 episode ×50 min.
+14 episodes ×45 min.
+6 episodes ×20 min.
+1 episode ×30 min.
+1 special 90 min.

(17770 min. total)

• 1996 Doctor Who TV pilot (The eighth Doctor) 85 min.
• Revived Doctor Who TV series (The ninth and tenth Doctors) 55 eps.
47 episodes ×45 min.
3 episodes ×50 min.
1 episode ×52 min.
3 Christmas Specials ×60 min.
1 episode ×65 min.
1 Christmas Special ×72 min.(2574 min.)
• "Doctor Who: Children in Need"
Children in Need special 7 min.
• "Time Crash"
Children in Need special 8 min.
• "Music of the Spheres"
BBC Proms Special 7 min.
• K-9 and Company
TV pilot 50 min.
• Torchwood 26 eps ×50 min.
5 eps x60mins (1600 min.)
• The Sarah Jane Adventures
1 New Year's Special (×60 min.)
22 eps ×25 min. (610 min.)
1 Comic Relief Special (5 min)

This is to say nothing of the supplemental canon and non-canon, such as the movies, Infinite Quest, A Fix with Sontarans, the Auton and Zygon trilogies, Curse of Fatal Death, Shada and Scream of the Shalka, to name a few, which add on another 20 hours, 14 minutes.

Of science fiction franchises, only Star Trek beats it by clocking in at 22 days, 19 hours and 3 minutes to watch every canonical television episode and movie.
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