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Time Out's review of Matthew Waterhouse in "Hamlet"

"...But it is only with the appearance of Hamlet himself (Matthew Waterhouse) that we fully realise what abysmal treasures lie in store. Only the installation of Chris Eubank, opera producer Peter Sellars, the Queen Mother, Boris Karloff or Sonya in the role of the Prince of Denmark could outdo the casting misdemeanour here. From what I can gather, Mr Waterhouse is actually three cardboard cut-outs: looking left; looking right; and fists clenched (for madness). He makes his entrances and exits in the guise of Robo-Ham, a high precision theatrical instrument that stalks around the stage in a perfect straight line without even the tiniest hint of expression. All this is topped off by a decidedly unprincely, wooden gait and the classic countenance of your average computer boffin. And so the moral complexities of Shakespeare's play are overtaken by a couple of entirely new and original concerns: Can a side of mutton really go mad? Is
it feigning madness? And who cares anyway?"
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