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11th Doctor Costume?!

Hello, I am Sarah, I'm new to this community. (Which I actually found by searching 'fanfiction'..well, that's life)

First of all, this community is so freakin hilarious! Its great to read all these obsessive fans (like me) talk about Doctor Who like everyone knows exactly what they are talking about...which is wierd, because I know exactly what you are talking about. Which reminds me I'm a geek. And reminds me geeks ramble, and I should probaly stop or risk losing your attention.

ANYWAYS. I was thinking about our much-speculated Eleventh Doctor's Costume. hmm...Matt Smith.
Am I the only one who is under the impression he would be amazing in skinny jeans? (the words "too emo" come to mind. which is ridiculous, because many non-emo people wear skinny jeans) Are converse REALLY out of the question? (For me, YEAH!) Is a scarf even plausible??

And what about the hair??? SAVE US FROM THE HAIR.  I like how he had it in 'The Ruby In The Smoke", personally. (Good book.)

What do you think?
Tags: clothes and cosplay, hellos, matt smith
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