May 23rd, 2010


Videos, interviews, Ma Pond allegedly revealed

Right, this is sort of half a video post, half other stuffs I want out my tabs. Starting with the Cold Blood trailer:

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The latest Big Questions with Matt and Arthur:

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Meera Syal discussing her character:

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And onto tabstuffs, here's a Karen interview from the Standard:

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An interview with Arthur from Sci-Fi Pulse:

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There's more on their podcast. Now here's something for those of us who love nice things in a delicious package, namely Noel Clarke. Here he is discussing Mickey's character development:

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So now we know. Here's the whole interview, and here's a video with the Noelio discussing his new movie film,, and why it's better than Sex and the City.

While we're here, want to know who's playing Amy's mum? Now you can. Possibly.
FF River "no damsel in distress"

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TimeGate At-the-Door pricing

The pre-registration period for TimeGate 2010, Atlanta's only Doctor Who, Stargate, and more Convention, is now over. Memberships, both full weekend and one-day, will be available at the door:

Full weekend: $45
Friday only: $20
Saturday only: $25
Sunday only: $25

Registration Hours:

Friday: 4:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

TimeGate is May 28-30th, in Atlanta, GA, USA

Check the website here:

for more information, including a detailed Schedule of Events. :)
Better, Idea

Jacketed Doctor, nycdeb's theories and Moffat's proclivities

I was just reading nycdeb's excellent theory ( on the Jacketed Doctor and it occurred to me that although the idea has been picked apart in terms of what's happening on the show no-one's considered how Moffat's history writing for DW lends credence to the Jacketed Doctor theory.

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Mid-series thoughts on S5

I've been reading and participating in many of the discussions that have been taking place here over recent weeks, and thought I'd attempt to write down some of the conclusions I've drawn so far about why I'm liking rather than loving S5.

There are some minor spoilers for 5x07 and 5x08 here as well as lengthy rambling, musical metaphors and ... er ... other stuff.

Potential Companions

I've been thinking about this for a while now and this latest episode has made me think about it again.

Who do you see as a potential companion. Or who would you like to see as a companion. I'm mostly talking about guess stars who help the Doctor out during the adventure but for whatever reason doesn't travel with him.

Who would you have liked to have seen traveling in the TARDIS?

Personally, from Classic Who I would have liked Duggan from City of Death to travel with the Doctor and Romana for a bit. I think he was starting to learn some control from the Doctor.
And Astrid Ferrier from The Enemy of the World. She was awesome.
And Lieutenant Carstairs from War Games. He could have been in UNIT.

From the new series: Frank from Dalek's in Manhattan because I liked his relationship with Martha.

And Wilf of course.
Amy in the light

Dr. Who: Flesh and Stone (delayed)

Angels Unaware

I've pondered this for a while, long enough to be unfashionably late to the dance at Meta Essay Hall. For those who are interested, though, this is a poor explanation of why I loved one aspect of "Flesh and Stone" (and "The Time of Angels" as well) so very, very much. Follow the fake cut to my journal.


Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels' hierarchies?


So who else has done it?

i've just gone and booked two tickets for Doctor Who Live in Manchester. Anybody else here going to one of the shows?

I just need to get myself a Who-loving girlfriend to go with! My dad can't come because he is working and my best friend might be as well lol. XD oh well, got til October, no pressure!

So looking forward to seeing the Daleks in the flesh so to speak!

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[rec] Time

Title: Time
Author: experiment749
Chapters: 1/1
Synopsis: Who is Old Ben, and why did he seperate Novum from himself?
Rec'd: For absolute genius OCs. Who are Novum and Old Ben? What are they? How does Old Ben know so much about the Time Lords. This is experiment749's first dip into the world of Doctor Who fanon, and it's a blessing in original work, with a nice pace which gets you into Old Ben immediately. Here's hoping she writes more!
Teaser: In all honesty, even he wasn't certain whether or not he had been a Time Lord himself at some point, or even a regular Gallifreyan, or some Ood who had evolved beyond a previous point.