Vienna (willowwhiskers) wrote in doctorwho,

Question for the community

The thing that I find strange about this comm is that there are a few people seem to hate the new series. I used to think that people were just over-analyzing episodes to the point of picking apart the jokes, but it doesn't stop there. I feel that some people leave a bad review for every episode. Sort of like, 'this episode was worse than this one, slightly less bad that this other one, although they're all pretty terrible.'

There are a lot of people who like the old episodes, and the new episodes aren't anything like those, so subsequently they don't enjoy the new episodes. Makes sense.

I can understand that. But I think there's a point where fans need to make a conscious choice- are you not enjoying the series anymore? Do you find every episode to be full of garbage and technologically unstable to the point where you wish RTD would just die so you wouldn't be subjected to it anymore? Maybe it's time to move onto other fandoms. EDIT: Old fans are mad at me because they think I want them to leave the whole thing. D: I don't. I just mean, while these episodes are horrible, to put their energy into other fandoms until these bad episodes either end or the whole series does.

I don't mean to insult the people who don't enjoy the new episodes, but this is genuinely confuses me. Can anybody explain this to me? Maybe I'm just missing something.
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