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Speculation with locations

So, I was wondering about those coordinates..

You'll recall Jack read out the coordinates of the Valiant as 58.2N 10.02E, just before they all teleported there (and then). This does indeed put them in a plausible location which "Mr Saxon" would be able to reach within an hour. Just off the southern coast of Norway:

Thinking back to Doomsday, that's not so very far from where the final breach sealed up. Possibly just coincidence, but maybe not. After all, that would open up another possibility for where - as the Master so pointedly noted - six billion of our new spherical friends came from.. not our Earth, but Rose's.

On a different note, thinking about "Mrs Saxon", here are the lyrics from the Rogue Traders track featured as our new spherical friends appear, seemingly much to her pleasure:

Baby, baby, baby
You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child

You're like voodoo baby
You just take hold
Put your cards on the table baby
Do I twist, do I fold
You're like voodoo honey
All silver and gold
Why don't you tell me my future
Why don't I sell you my soul
So here it comes, the sound of drums
Here come the drums, here come the drums

* Baby, baby, baby
You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child
Don't say maybe, maybe
It's supernatural, i'm coming undone

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