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Frazer Hines / Jamie McCrimmon picspam

Seriously, were you guys just waiting for me to bring the Jamie picspam? I'm content to, just amused. Anyway, here's some Jamie picspam, along with a generous helping of Patrick Troughton (those two are inserparable, you know), Wendy Padbury as Zoe and Deborah Watling as Victoria. (Not to mention at least one picture of Michael Craze as Ben.)

These do not even begin to touch on the hotness that is/was Frazer. :D

In his wetsuit uniform from "The Underwater Menace"

"The Wheel In Space"

With the lovely Wendy Padbury

From "The Five Doctors"

"The Space Pirates"

With Deborah Watling in "The Abominable Snowmen"

More of the same, this time with Travers.

Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling on a bus, probably to or from "The Abominable Snowmen"

"The War Games" with Zoe and the Doctor.

"The Mind Robber" --how we do love Zoe's silver catsuit.

Probably a promotional for "The Invasion."

Definitely "The Invasion."

Um. Yeah, this is from "The Invasion."

Watling returns to the role of Victoria along with Frazer as Jamie for the Radio Times' 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

Another from the same shoot.

Jamie from "The Dominators."

I believe this is "The Wheel In Space."

On the beach in "Fury From the Deep."

Facing off a Dalek with Victoria in a promotional for "Evil of the Daleks."

As he was during his "Emmerdale Farm" days.

Frazer as he is today. Yup, still got it!

Enjoy! :D
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