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And here it is.
I'm to be spotted three times in the video (the most I've been I think).
At 2:48 - Top row, second box
4:19 - The group of four on the right; I'm the short one on the left (It was only after we'd filmed that we realised we were in height order)
7:33 - Top row, second box again.

David Tennant will be on the Queen Latifah show tonight. She's a big fan of Doctor Who, and has been sharing titbits on facebook and twitter (photo and clip from interview).
More Gracepoint promo: mp3 of NPR interview, video of Good Day LA interview, video of Craig Ferguson interview.
Video: Broadchurch Series 2 teaser, with voiceover by David.
Video: David wins a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor on Television for The Escape Artist.
Video: David Pays a surprise visit to a school for children with additional support needs in Port Glasgow

S8 and S9 news
Steven confirms Peter is signed on for S9, but would not confirm about Jenna.
Video: Peter interview  about being the Doctor at LBC Radio
Video: BBCA Inside Look for Death in Heaven.
Video: Peter sends message to a young fan whose grandmother had recently died.
Transcript of Steven interview at RTS Doctor Who: Anatomy of a hit event.
Interview with actress Natalie Gumede about the Christmas special.
Michelle Gomez tells DWM whether she'll return next year, and how a decoy scene was shot where Missy reveals herself to be the Rani.

Bernard Cribbins awarded J M Barrie award for a lifetime of work for children on stage, film, television and record.
DW Comics: Twelfth Doctor #2 preview.
Video: Karen Gillan and John Cho thank fans of her show Selfie, which has been cancelled. Also, video of set tour with Karen and John.
Photo: Noel Clarke and Camille Corduri selfie :)
Video: Eleven's regeneration with Lego CGI animation
Doctor Who World Tour!
Peter, Jenna and Steven will go on a world tour to promote Series 8 of Doctor Who. They'll start by visiting Cardiff on August 7, moving on to London and winding up in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on August 19, passing through South Korea, Australia, the US and Mexico.
Peter said: “It’s fantastic that so many people across the world love Doctor Who. After eight months solid filming deep in the world of monsters, Jenna and I are thrilled to be heading for the planet of fans.” More info here and here.

Other DW news:
*The Doctor Who Experience at Cardiff will close for 6 weeks from 1st September to regenerate.
* Doctor Who won at the 35th Banff World Media Festival in Canada the Rockie Award for Best Science Fiction, Action, and Fantasy and also Best Scripted Programme.
* Police Box makes an appearance in a K-Pop music video.
* Behind-the-scenes video of 'Rain' fanmade trailer.
* Fan does uncanny Matt Smith impression.
* Steven Moffat Q&A at Hay Festival. On a female Doctor, casting Capaldi and the doubts DW would succeed after DT left. Video: Promises major changes in S8.
* Vision Factory, the makers of fanfilms The Imperfect World and That Time of Night have done it again. Their latest short is Mother's Day, starring Eleven and Clara, with English subtites.
*S8 to be simulcast in Germany.

Actor news
Peter Capaldi was awarded the first ever RTS Scotland award acknowledging his outstanding contribution to television.
He wrote the Doctor's Gallifreyan school report card for charity :')
His visit to DW soundtrack recording session.
Trailer for Paddington, in which he'll feature (doesn't appear in trailer).
He Helps launch Story Time.
David Tennant interview: from Broadchurch to Postman Pat.
Video of David Tennant inviting you to the Cybermen two-parter and Wings Cinema Event.
Trailer for What We Did on Our Holiday and preview for Gracepoint. Also, article and stills for WWDoOH
Yesteday an extended version (15 min longer) of the finale of Broadchurch aired on ITV Encore which maybe Sky suscribers will be able to view on catch-up if you missed it, IDK.
Broadchurch video interview with him and Olivia Coleman, and interview with producer Richard Stokes.
Broadchurch nominated for American Television Critics Association Award.
Interview from cast member of Gracepoint: "David is one of the most solid guys I’ve ever met,” he says. “He has that kind of great British work ethic. He is in everything in this show. He’d also just finished working on the British version but is just unrelenting in his work ethic. And so friendly and excited to be doing this, because it was so different from the British version. He was great to work with.”
You can vote for him as Best Actor for The Escape Artist in the TV Choice Awards until 20th June.
New Virgin Media trailers.

Tweeted: Fans of Christopher Eccleston will be pleased to learn that episode 3 of THE LEFTOVERS is some of the best acting he’s ever done. — Matt Zoller Seitz (@mattzollerseitz)
Trailer of The Leftovers.
Teaser trailer for The Intruders (w/ John Simm). More info from BBC America.
Billie Piper and Jenna Coleman winners of Glamour Women of the Year. Magazine article scans of Billie, photos of her and Matt Smith at event, video interviews with Billie and Jenna (who says Peter Capaldi makes her laugh). Billie backstage video interview, photo Jenna and Matt (aww!), Behind the scenes videos with Billie and Jenna, Jenna videobombs.
Billie profile article.
Awesomecon Billie panel clip.
Paul McGann revealed at Comicpalooza that he signed the Eighth Doctor spin-off petition (article includes link where you can too).

26 May 2014 @ 03:48 pm

This was just released today, and it's kind of amazing ~ I've never seen such good cosplays and props before in my entire life ~ the entire thing is fanmade. Absolutely stunning!
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25 May 2014 @ 01:36 am
The wizard that is John Smith has done it again:

Will update this post with the behind-the-scenes of this amazing fanmade video if it comes.
EDIT: VFX breakdown video under cut:Read more...Collapse )
02 April 2014 @ 11:01 pm
This is a well-made creepy 3-minute film from the wizard who made the the fake 50th trailer and Wholock video. I've embedded it under the cut:
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03 March 2014 @ 12:07 am
The team behind the lovely Spanish fanfilm The Imperfect World is following up with a series of short webisodes. The first installment, That Time of Night (original title Esas Horas de la Noche) is a poignant 10 minute short featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. It can be viewed worldwide on youtube with English subtitles.
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They've opened a crowdfunding page to help finance the rest of the webseries and the sequel to The Imperfect World (details in English appear further down in the description).
19 February 2014 @ 07:12 pm
Hi guys!

My friend posted this on FB, and I thought I'd share it with everyone. There's a kickstarter campaign to finance a Doctor Who prequel (about the young Doctor and Master before they were enemies), which includes Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso, from the 8th Doctor movie.

Here's the link:
17 January 2014 @ 01:40 am
Spanish fans have made a splendid Doctor Who fanfilm for the 50th anniversary. It's a 40 minute multi-Doctor story set in Barcelona, with really well-cast Doctors and companions, but it's most importantly a celebration of fandom. It's in Spanish, but has excellent English subtitles:
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Also, here's the short prequel (also subtitled), to be watched first, if you're interested:Embedded under cutCollapse )
21 December 2013 @ 12:17 am
Here we go, the latest collaboration of the DWFO.

I am to be spotted at 1.57 for about thirty seconds. If you go by grid references, I am at (2:2), dressed as the 4th Doctor with my Brownie made Tardis behind me.

Look out for Ben Foster on synthesiser near the end (yes, THE Ben Foster!)