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12 November 2014 @ 06:50 am
So I wake up this morning and find this amusing and fascinating news article in my Facebook feed...

It turns out the European Space Programme is preparing to land a probe on a nearby comet, which is pretty neat stuff.  But then I read the name of one of the scientists...

"And Prof Ian Wright, a leading British scientist working on the lander, said he was determined to be upbeat: "We realise this is a risky venture. In a sense that is part of the excitement of the whole thing. Exploration is like that: you go into the unknown, you're unsure of what you're going to face," he told BBC News."

Fun mashup of the original Dr Who companion names I just had to share with you all!  Enjoy your day :)
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31 August 2014 @ 12:21 pm
Originally posted by starjargon at 43) See Me
Rating: General
Genre: Fluff, Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Family
Pairings or Characters: 12th Doctor/River Song, Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Warnings/Notes: Part of a series of Pond one-shots, yes, I know he said goodbye to Amy, but just enjoy the story. Spoiler Warning for Deep Breath
Disclaimer: The Doctor and all other characters mentioned do not belong to me. No profit made from this work, no infringement intended.
The 12th Doctor chooses his outfit: missing scene.

The TARDIS landed noisily as she always did, right into River's back garden.Read more...Collapse )

14 July 2014 @ 12:43 pm
Rating: General
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Romance
Pairings or Characters: Ninth Doctor, River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Mickey/Martha, Mentions of Rose & other companions
Warnings: First attempt at writing 9, so may be slightly OOC
Disclaimer: The Doctor and all other characters mentioned do not belong to me. No profit made from this work, no infringement intended.
starjargon at 28) By So Many and so Much
A/N- I just needed some Doctor fluff.  Explains where 9th Doctor went when he left Rose before returning to ask her to go with him again.

He landed in the middle of a party.  He loved a good party.  Well, he used to.Read more...Collapse )
17 November 2013 @ 01:20 am
Radio Times Articles:
David Tennant is favourite Doctor and Rose is favourite companion. Full results and write-up.
Ten and Rose's top 5 moments.
Five reasons Rose is best companion.
The first of RT's 12 covers feat. William Hartnell.
Desktop wallpaper: Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker,

Details of week of Doctor Who specials on Radio 4 Extra.

Details of SilvaScreen's 50th anniversary collection soundtrack.

Lovely photo of Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan at the recent Britannia Awards.

Video: Doctor Who in 5 languages (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, French)

Lovely article: How I Learnt to Love Doctor Who. The article is region-locked/behind-a-paywall, but you can read it by clicking the 'x' to stop the page from loading before the region-block warning pops up. I think ad-blocking it might work too.

BBC America's trailer for An Adventure in Space and Time:

This may be late, but damn if I'm going to miss one:
Behind-the-scenes photos of the recent 50th anniversary trailer.

Video of the Tenth Doctor's BFI Panel with David, his hair extensions, Catherine, Phil Collinson and Graeme Harper.

The Eleventh Doctor panel will take place 8 December, and will be showing The Eleventh Hour and The Name of the Doctor. There will also be a BFI screening of The Day of the Doctor along with the global simulcast. More info here.

You can search here for the nearest UK cinema that will show The Day of the Doctor where from Friday tickets will go on sale. At the same link you can also see all the 75 countries that will simulcast the episode on TV. Not all cinemas will be participating in the simulcast, though, so check for that. BBC America have still to announce details regarding the 3D screenings in select cinemas in the US and Canada, but Iinfo on Australian and New Zealand cinemas can be seen here.

David Tennant has been doing interviews promoting The Escape Artist such as this one. It's his 27th Radio Times cover, which puts him second behind the Queen (36) in that regard.

Paul McGann interview about not being in the 50th and Thor article including quotes from Christopher Eccleston.

The short story featuring Ten and Martha written by Derek Landy comes out today. Here's an interview with him about it and a video where he introduces it.

The official website is polling on best monster, and RT on best companion. Apparently there's been a drive from some online fans to get Adric to win, with Rose currently second.

New An Adventure in Space and Time pics.

Info about stuff that will be taking place on TV and Radio to celebrate the 50th, including this documentary about the science of Doctor Who presented by Brian Cox that will air November 14th.
29 September 2013 @ 10:38 am
The Guardian has been having a series of interviews and photoshoots with actresses who've played companions:All The Guardian pieces celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who are collected here.
10 August 2013 @ 04:07 am
10 Angel/BTVS: Angel, Buffy/Angel, Dawn/Connor, Tara/Willow
01 Beauty & the Beast 2012: Catherine/Vincent
45 celebs: Alejandra Alonso, Austin Butler, Ben Barnes, Britt Robertson, Colin Egglesfield, David Gandy, Josh Duhamel, Katie Cassidy, Maggie Grace, Matt Barr, Matt Dallas, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Knappik, Taylor Kitsch
02 Dexter: Debra/Dexter
26 Doctor Who/Torchwood: Clara, Amy/Rory, Clara/Jack, Clara/Rory, Clara/Rose, Clara/10, Martha/Mickey, River/11, Rose/10, group
02 Fever Series: Mac/Barrons
02 Fire with Fire
01 Firefly: Inara/Mal/River
01 Harry Potter: Ginny/Harry
04 Hawaii Five-0: Catherine/Steve, Lori/Steve, Catherine/Lori/Steve
01 Legend of the Seeker: Cara/Kahlan/Richard
01 Leverage: Parker/Eliot
01 Mutant X: Brennan
01 Revenge: Emily
01 Stargate: Vala/Cam
03 Teen Wolf: Derek, Allison/Derek
04 True Blood: Nora/Eric, Sookie/Eric, Eric/Nora/Sookie
09 Vampire Diaries: Caroline/Klaus, Elena/Damon or Katherine/Damon, Caroline/Stefan
34 Crossover: Arrow/Revenge, Avengers/Doctor Who, Blood Ties/Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Blood Ties/Secret Diary of a Callgirl/Torchwood, Blood Ties/Torchwood, BTVD/Fever, BTVS/TVD, Charmed/LotR, Doctor Who/Veronica Mars, Dollhouse/Nikit/Supernatural, Dollhouse/Supernatural, GoT/SGA, Leverage/Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0/SGA, Lost Girl/SGA, LotS/SGA, Nikita/Supernatural, Secret Diary of a Callgirl/Torchwood, SGU/Warehouse 13, Supernatural/Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf/Vampire Diaries, True Blood/Vampire Diaries


(see them all here @ my new community)

warning: image heavy!

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13 June 2013 @ 06:37 pm
The Children of Time


I have been creating all of the characters from Doctor Who in Sims form, I was posting them thru my other livejournal but decided to give them there very own home as this has turned into a huge project. This is just a few of my sims pictured below. You can find photos of all of them HERE. There are now over 48 different sims of all sorts from the Doctors & the companions to guest stars and even villians. And there are going to be more added all the time. My goal is to create nearly every character from the show starting with the 2005 return and later including the Classic Doctor Who characters. I even plan to create characters from Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.


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12 June 2013 @ 08:06 am
Was there ever an explanation of who this character was?

What if she's another Clara? Possible? Or am I reaching?
12 June 2013 @ 12:09 pm
Hey everyone,

I recently wrote a blog post on some thoughts I had after watching The Name of the Doctor, on how female companions are portrayed. I thought some of you might be interested. :)

Here's a snippet and a question about Clara:

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