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06 March 2016 @ 11:30 pm
Title: Convergences (1/?)
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandoms: Sherlock/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Primarily Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond but will include a variety of other ships; Sherlock Holmes, Amy Pond, River Song and the Doctor in this part
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock and Amy always knew their daughter Melody was special. But when they got caught in a temporal shift and their daughter gets injured, and suddenly alternate universe versions of them and their friends and family are popping up and aliens are threatening to invade the earth, it all becomes just a bit more complicated than they ever could have imagined it would be.
Authors Notes: My 600th Sherlock-centric fic on AO3! Written for a good friend of mine based on a prompt sent to me on Tumblr.
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02 March 2016 @ 08:44 pm
* Actors (Bonnie Wright, Emma Watson, Michael Fassbender): 1 -7
* Movies (An Education, Ant Man, Kingsman:Secretive Service, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Man from UNCLE, XMFDOFP): 8-21
* Music (Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Ray, McFly-Dougie):22-33
* Stock (Animals, Food, Travel): 34-62
* TV (Doctor Who, Elementary, I-Zombie, Jane the Virgin): 63-70
Total =70

* Actors (Emma Watson & Michael Fassbender) :1-3
* Music (Ellie Goulding & McFly - Dougie) : 4-8
* Stock (Animals) : 9-12
Total = 12

Tumblr Banners
* Actors (Michael Fassbender): 1
Total = 1

* Actors (Emma Watson): 1-2
Total = 2

* Set 21


Here @ roses_dream
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02 March 2016 @ 04:28 pm
Title: Same Day
Author: Ami Ven
Prompt: birthday present for eska818
Rating: G
Word Count: 300
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Pairing(s): Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Summary: “People are always forgetting that this old girl is a proper space ship, as well as a time machine.”
Note(s): originally written and posted in 2014

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
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28 February 2016 @ 02:19 pm
Title: What The Fortuneteller Sees
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandoms: Sherlock/Doctor Who/Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor & Eva Callahan
Rating: PG
Summary: On Amy's birthday the Doctor takes her and Sherlock all over the universe and throughout time to make it the best birthday possible, ending their evening with a special showing of a magic show at Mackenzie's Cavalcade of Mysteries. Before they can see the show, though, Amy insists on having her fortune told, to...interesting...results.
Authors Notes: Written for some friends.
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26 February 2016 @ 08:06 pm
Title: She Burns
Author: helloprilly
Characters:10th Doctor and Donna Noble, with appearances by the Master, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Wilfred Mott and Sylvia Noble
Rating:Mature/explicit sex
Word Count: 8,858 (and still counting)
Warning: None for this chapter.

Chapter 31 is up!

Have some tissues ready for this…  The Doctor comes to seek Time’s blessing and Donna gets to say her final goodbye.

FF.net link


A03 link

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Title: And Remember Me - Chapter 2: Dream
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald
Pairings: Twelve/Clara (Whouffaldi)
Summary: "Clara would sometimes ask me if I dream. Of course I dream, I would tell her. Everybody dreams. But what do you dream about, she'd ask. The same thing everybody dreams about, I'd tell her. I dream about the people I've met, the people I love, and the people I miss. Tonight I dreamt of Clara. In the dream, I was abandoning Clara on the Moon. I know it's silly, but I just had to check."
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Introspection, Adventure, General
Rating: G (All Ages)
Word Count: 1506
24 February 2016 @ 04:10 pm
Title: Mending Day
Prompt: writerverse challenge #38 quick fic amnesty, prompt ‘button’
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Original/Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings: Jenny Flint/Vastra
Summary: Jenny is almost out of spare buttons.
Note(s): originally posted to the writerverse wv_library

Link(s): on LJ & on AO3
Title: And Remember Me
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald
Pairings: Twelve/Clara (Whouffaldi)
Summary: "Sometimes I can see a tiny detail shine through the fog, and remember something about Clara Oswald I thought I had forgotten forever. I decided to record all these little memories of Clara in this book as I remember them. This way, even if I forget these memories again, I can still read them and know that they've been real. So that next time I'll meet Clara maybe, maybe, I'll be able to recognize her."
Genre: Introspection
Rating: G (All Ages)
Word Count: 1240

Author's Notes: This is my first Doctor Who fan fiction in English, hope you'll like it. Please let me know what you think of the fic leaving a comment on the site.Thank you.
13 February 2016 @ 08:00 am
Title: Surrounded (1/?)
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandoms Doctor Who/Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Rory Williams/Amy Pond, John Watson/Mary Morstan & Sherlock Holmes in this part
Rating: PG
Summary: The day that Sherlock Holmes returns from the dead he comes back bearing a message for two of John's new friends, Rory & Amelia Williams: old enemies are coming after you. This message leads to worlds colliding as Amy, Rory, Sherlock, John, Mary and the later addition of River Song have to fend off Weeping Angels from trying to pick them off while they're trapped in Baker Street.
Authors Notes: An answer to a very old prompt on my Tumblr.
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