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Title: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 12th Doctor, 7th Doctor, 2nd Doctor, Clara Oswald, River Song
Words: 221

Summary: The Doctor has always been a bit musical, but never like this... (Read More...)
14 December 2015 @ 11:07 pm
Title: Holiday Party Preparations
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Characters/Pairings: Danny Pink/Clara Oswald
Rating: PG
Summary: Danny and Clara are getting ready for a Christmas party and talking about various things, and Clara is marveling at how lucky she is to even be able to do this because of the second chance she was given.
Authors Notes: Part 2 of my “Stuff Of Improbable Legends” series (it’s based on a role play game I’m in, but this particular fic is rather vague and could also be read as a regular AU fic, where Clara was pregnant at the end of series 8 and went to the United States after leaving the Doctor). Written as a Christmas gift for a friend.
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Title: Few examples of returning themes in Doctor Who's music
Genre: meta
Spoilers: up to 9x12 “Hell Bent”.

Being a huge fan of Doctor Who music, I’ve been thinking of writing about returning themes for quite a long time. Last week’s episode, the season 9 finale, provided even more examples so this is why it comes out now. It’s a set of observations about some particular pieces and particular scenes. It’s all about the new series and Murray Gold’s work.
11 December 2015 @ 04:22 pm
Title: Out For A Night On The Town
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandoms: Star Trek (Alternate Original Series)/Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Bleach, Marvel Cinematic Universe & Sherlock/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Khan Noonien Singh/Molly Hooper, August Booth/Emma Swan, Rory Williams/Amy Pond, Mycroft Holmes/Anthea, Uryuu Ishida/Inoue Orihime, Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov & Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond
Rating: PG
Summary: Every date brings an opportunity for a new experience, a new adventure, a new story to tell. Some dates are memorable, some are simple, but all are special.
Authors Notes: A collection of both old and new drabbles of various couples in multiple fandoms focusing on events leading up to and including dates the characters have gone out on.
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11 December 2015 @ 08:06 am
Hi, here is my preview of this year's Christmas Special:

11 December 2015 @ 12:07 am
Hello, fellow Whovians.

I have a bit of a request. After reading many fanfictions, I have found that there are not enough that center around the Doctor/Brigadier friendship that take place during New Who. I think it would be interesting to reada fanfiction in which the Brigadier meets one of the 8-12 Doctors (maybe even the War Doctor). I would write it myself, but I'm sad to say that I've not yet seen enough of Classic Who to do the Brigadier justice. :(
So, is there anyone who is willing to take on my request? It would be greatly appreciated. ;)
Thank you. :)

09 December 2015 @ 04:07 pm
Title: While You Were Sleeping (1/2)
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Fandom: Sherlock/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Amy Pond and Mycroft Holmes in this part
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock gets seriously injured in the course of a case, meaning he’s going to have to spend the holidays in the hospital, so Amy comes in while he’s asleep to decorate and waits for him to wake up.
Authors Notes: The sixth fic in my Christmas Fic Countdown.
Title: The Christmas Squirrel
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 11th Doctor, Squirrel
Words: 1419

Summary: There was a squirrel in the Doctor's Christmas tree! (Read More...)
08 December 2015 @ 08:17 pm

Doctor Who 9.12 - "Hell Bent"
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05 December 2015 @ 07:34 pm
It's finale night!

The twelfth episode of the current series of Doctor Who, the final part of the three-part finale, starts at 20:00 today on BBC1.

With the [redacted], the flaming [redacted] again, the [redacted] that we've been talking about, and the [redacted] which caused so much bother in the past, it looks like being ... well, [redacted].

Please comment with your reactions. Spoilers hereunder, I imagine.