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Title: For Now Left and Forlorn
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1459
Characters: Chin Lee, The Master(Delgado), the Master (Simms), the Third Doctor, Lucy Saxon
Pairings: The Master/Chin Lee
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Forty years are not enough time to get away from the Master’s influence.
AN: Written for dw_guestfest. I re-watched The Mind of Evil recently and Chin Lee caught my imagination. She is rather unique among the Master’s minions, more like a companion than any other, at least until Lucy Saxon. It is clear that being a companion to the Doctor changes the companion’s lives, usually for the better. It seemed to me that those who survive serving the Master must be affected by their experience as well, though not in a positive way. Chin Lees disappears halfway through The Mind of Evil after she has been found out and I doubt that the Master ever thought about her again. But I doubt she got away unscathed. The the title and the quote at the end is from the anonymous lyrics to John Downland’s song Come Again.

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11 April 2015 @ 05:16 pm
Author: doctorxdonna
Title: Lullabye
Fandom(s): Doctor Who, Broadchurch
Rating: All Audiences
Word Count: 1000
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Alec Hardy, original characters
Summary: Alec sings a lullabye to his infant daughter. Takes place after the events of A Change is As Good As A Rest.
Notes/Warnings: The song lyrics featured here are from the Billy Joel song "Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)".

Read it at or AO3
09 April 2015 @ 05:52 pm
wintercompanion is running a Doctor/Jack prompt fest this month.

Prompts have been collected and can be found here.

No claiming needed, fills can be posted until the end of the month, and you can fill as many prompts as you like. Come join us!
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09 April 2015 @ 05:14 pm
Author: doctorxdonna
Title: A Change is As Good As A Rest
Fandom(s): Doctor Who, Broadchurch
Rating: T (some non-graphic sexual content)
Word Count: 50,787
Status: Complete
Characters: Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Tony Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller, other characters
Summary: When Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor are tragically and permanently separated, she flees to Broadchurch to get away from the memories. Little does she know her life will be turned upside down when she meets a man with a very familiar face.
Notes/Warnings: This is my first ever crossover fic, so I'm eager for opinions. Mostly canon compliant for the end of series 1 Broadchurch and series 4 Doctor Who.

Read it at or AO3
Hi fellow whovians. I'm back with more action figure photos! Most celebrate a couple of anniversaries that just passed us and the other is inspired by the unfufilled Cartmel Masterplan.
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I am so sorry, as was just pointed out to me, when I posted the link to my LJ a couple of days ago I did not make sure it was actually working - and it was not :( Many thanks to sharp2799 for pointing it out to me.

To make up for it, may I post the complete story in here instead? I don't want you to miss the punch line:

 photo Ostern2.jpg

 photo Ostern3.jpg

 photo Ostern4.jpg

 photo Ostern6.jpg

 photo Ostern7.jpg

 photo Ostern8.jpg

(I'd delete the other post but it already has comments on it)
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02 April 2015 @ 03:55 pm
wintercompanion is running a Doctor/Jack prompt fest this month.

Prompt collection: until April 7th
Prompt filling/posting: April 8th to 30th

No claiming needed, and you can leave and fill as many prompts as you like. Come join us!
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02 April 2015 @ 06:40 pm

The perfect place for a Doctor Who fan to await regeneration?


Happy Easter from Jack and the Doctor! To get the whole story, please click the link to my LJ: Jack and the Doctor wish you a Happy Easter

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31 March 2015 @ 01:38 pm
Title: The Many Faces of River Song
Author: betawho
Rating: PG
Characters: 11th Doctor, River Song
Words: 137

Summary: With River Song, there's never a dull moment...(Read More...)