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Comic Con Times or ...

I didn't actually talk with Matt much at all due to him being damn busy and quite popular. He did come to our booth though and have his pic taken in front of our TARDIS so it's obvious he was listening to us when we all said he should.

I did however make friends with our booth neighbor Dean Cain, aka Louise and Clark Superman. We shouted jokes, gave each other shit, and I shared cookies. In kind, he did me a solid and got in our TARDIS.

I also shared cookies with C Thomas Howell who was also another booth neighbor.

Also, my best friend is the one who made the giant dolls. Creepy as fuck!

 photo 001_zpsbd74446f.jpg
 photo 002_zps7c1f7b62.jpg
 photo 005_zps4f4402b7.jpg
 photo 006_zps6c2fcb7f.jpg
 photo 007_zps263b1668.jpg
 photo 008_zps6d623942.jpg
 photo 009_zps4cbba7b5.jpg
 photo 011_zpsf9b473f9.jpg
 photo 012_zpsce0fd857.jpg
 photo 015_zps91b585df.jpg
 photo 016_zps406ba99a.jpg
 photo 018_zps7fcd0a48.jpg
 photo 019_zps11e5ac81.jpg
 photo 021_zpscdee78a5.jpg
 photo 022_zps5a7d397d.jpg
 photo 023_zps02ca0a1d.jpg
 photo 024_zpsf7867938.jpg
 photo 025_zps779b6182.jpg
 photo 026_zps37f63702.jpg
 photo 027_zps45387c56.jpg
 photo 028_zps54a6face.jpg
 photo 029_zps0665a59c.jpg
 photo 030_zps07318f41.jpg
 photo 031_zps8cacc20c.jpg
 photo 033_zpsb977acb7.jpg
 photo 035_zpseda92d17.jpg
 photo 036_zps549e2199.jpg
 photo 038_zps39a4469b.jpg
 photo 039_zpsbc103244.jpg
 photo 040_zps0a0b59c6.jpg
 photo 041_zpse476da9e.jpg
 photo 042_zpsee400ab0.jpg
 photo 043_zps1342a77a.jpg
 photo 044_zpsed4ad947.jpg
 photo 050_zpsc2fd9a50.jpg
 photo 055_zps0bbce0d0.jpg
 photo 056_zpsb59fea46.jpg
 photo 057_zps1d8ad46d.jpg
 photo 058_zps9a139330.jpg
 photo 059_zpsaa5a97b0.jpg
 photo 061_zps054443d0.jpg
 photo 062_zps9beeb453.jpg
 photo 063_zps41b8f312.jpg
 photo 064_zpsef78fe41.jpg
 photo 066_zpsc4b301ae.jpg
 photo 067_zpsbb62feb4.jpg
 photo 068_zps34cba824.jpg
 photo 070_zps196df246.jpg
 photo 075_zpsa782e596.jpg
 photo 078_zps0168d93f.jpg
 photo 1622735_10203489439982370_469755296_n_zpsa70ed7f7.jpg
 photo 1794930_10203486380225878_124800339_o1_zpse7d7059c.jpg
 photo 1779832_10203489410941644_761085122_n_zps6e0f901a.jpg
 photo 21d165f8-d5b5-43a7-b53e-feec6d14b7c3_zps338514c0.jpg
 photo 1604618_742398655779319_948485657_n_zpsf53716cd.jpg
I'll have a proper digital photo of this at the end of the week. Until then, picture of picture will do.
 photo 1620477_10153796810775475_133216503_n_zps0b6a4aca.jpg
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