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20) You Think You Could Just Bring Your Dad Along Without Asking?

Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings or Characters: Amy Pond/ Rory Williams; River Song/ Eleventh Doctor, Brian Williams
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The Doctor and all other characters mentioned do not belong to me. No profit made from this work, no infringement intended.
Summary: Brian's never met River before. What will he think of his psychopathic granddaughter?
starjargon at 20) You Think You Could Just Bring Your Dad Along Without Asking?

Out of everyone in Leadworth, England, Earth, 21st century- however they categorized their home, there was only one person they felt it especially important to shield from their Doctor life. Brian Williams was a simple man. He enjoyed being average, content in the ordinary. He had missed their wedding- let's just say it had to do with Mels, an incident involving a duck pond, and needing to bail out his son's best friend. So, he wasn't there with everyone else to see the magical appearance of a mysterious blue box and the alien who emerged from it, eventually taking his son and new daughter- in- law through adventures in space and time after their wedding.

After the incident with the dinosaurs, they realized he was more capable than they'd thought about handling their extraordinary part- time life. Soon, he was joining them on small adventures; the Doctor would whisk him along occasionally when he was fairly certain they were going to a safer planet. More or less.

It was one Intergalactic Celebration for Paternal Influences in which River had insisted the Doctor pick up her parents so she could spend it with Rory. She even made sure to call ahead with their tentative plans, despite her husband's protests. When Rory understood the occasion, he invited Brian along as well, regardless of the fact Brian didn't know River as of yet. It was decided they would pick up the Ponds to have proper adventures first, then they'd pick up Brian to spend time on the planet Dendronis, the arboretum planet.

River was very young this time around, married less than a year and still with a hint of Mels' complete recklessness. She certainly was a match for the Doctor, almost as exhausting as he was, yet without all of the complete confidence older River wore like a second skin. She still questioned him, still did what she pleased but never claimed to hate him, never called him a complete idiot, and, except for one particular moment where the TARDIS literally turned upside down for ten minutes, rarely yelled at him. It was completely unnerving and neither the Doctor, nor Rory, nor Amy liked it much. However, she still shot at everything first and asked questions later, the violent path still coming more naturally to her.

After their trips together to various planets and several life- endangering events, the family stopped by the older Williams' house and picked up Brian for a nice dinner on a planet with three suns and therefore as many sunsets. Brian insisted on pictures with his boy and his favourite daughter- in- law throughout their stroll afterward. When he asked whom the feisty woman was who seemed to be quite a match for the Doctor, they simply replied she was the Doctor's wife.

This seemed to please Brian a great deal, until he realized he hadn't met her before on their adventures. Then they explained about their timey-wimey relationship, and Brian put a hand around each of them and carried on about the importance of a good marriage and stability in a couple's lives. They politely agreed, but then the Doctor explained the complications such stability would present them. Then he went into a Doctor- monologue about how it would in fact probably tear their marriage apart as he had met her in a previous life and if he had not done so, she wouldn't have done so either, then he wouldn't know to look out for her and she wouldn't have sought him out and then they wouldn't have met and everything they have done or will do together in their respective timelines would rewrite itself until her very existence itself might be threatened. He detoured at this to explain regeneration to a very bombarded Brian who was still confused as to why they would be content to see each other out of order, finally concluding it would be best to just accept the Doctor's marriage as another part of this ridiculous man.

He liked the woman though. She seemed to be smart enough to keep up with the Doctor and didn't get lost in his rants as the other three did at times. She was funny and kind and seemed to really care for Amy and Rory and had even surprised Brian with a gift. She didn't even seem to mind their intrusion on her precious time with the Doctor while he took his companion's father for a weekend away. She simply said they were very precious to her too and it was less an intrusion and more a special occasion for her. When he asked her if she wouldn't like to be spending this Father's Weekendy thing with her dad, she simply replied that she was spending it right where she wanted.

After playing a few rounds of the game she had gifted Brian, which involved teaming him, River and Amy against the Doctor and Rory, he declared River too good for the Doctor. When River smiled at this, Brian asked the Doctor how on earth he had managed to convince such a charming woman to marry him, and the Doctor was about to launch into a very detailed explanation when he heard Rory agree under his breath.

"Oh, you know. Sometimes there are mysterious things that happen that people are prone to call miracles," he finally settled on.

All in all, the four time- travellers were proud of themselves for giving Brian special time with his son without running for their lives or surprising him in any unpleasant way. Even for a seasoned Doctor- abductee like Brian, their lives could be a little confusing or hard to take. They thought they might even get away with a peaceful sleep on the TARDIS followed by a nice Dendronis picnic, if the Doctor, with River's help, managed to land them on the correct day. Amy and Rory were congratulating their success later that night when they were settling down to sleep, when they suddenly heard the Doctor shouting their daughter's name. They had planned to try to ignore it, it was not unusual for them to fight, but then they heard the panic in the Doctor's voice, followed by him shouting at Brian as well. They raced out of bed and ran down to the console room, where they were terrified at the sight before them.

River was standing in the console room holding a gun and reciting past universal disasters. The Doctor had his hands up in surrender, yelling at Brian to stand back. Amy started shouting.

"River! What're you doing?! Put the gun down. Doctor, what's happened?"

"She's asleep Amelia- she was having a nightmare so I tried to wake her up, but then she stood up, came in here, grabbed a gun and started listing disasters I didn't stop." He had real fear and anguish in his voice.

"Doctor, has this happened before?" Rory said, trying to figure out the best way to disarm his very lethal daughter.

"Why is she trying to kill you?" Brian asked, still trying to edge his way up to her without being a target.

"She spent her life being brainwashed against me, thought it was gone but obviously not. This happened a few times early on, she must still be that young. It's why her weapons aren't allowed anywhere near our bedroom anymore! This one's a bad one though. Every time I move she moves with me."

"So, what do we do? What did you do before?"

"Well, she usually stops herself before she actually shoots, but normally her gun was unloaded as a precaution."


"Yes well, you would pick up on that, Pond. I don't know what she's seeing or how far she'll go if she doesn't come out of it. You lot might be in danger as well. I just need to get close enough to her to be able to talk to her, let her know where she is. She'll snap out of it once she gets a grip on herself."

He took a tentative step forward. River cocked the gun. He took a step to the right. Her arm followed him. Amy stepped in front of him, blocking River's view.

"Stop this! Stop it this instant! Wake up! It's me! Please, Baby. Wake up!"

River tilted her head, but didn't lower the gun. Brian lunged from the left and Rory from the right, grabbing her hand and trying to lower her arm. She struggled against Brian and tried to fight off Rory, but he had spent way too long as a soldier to be deterred by an elbow or knee. He simply put a hand around hers where she still tightly clasped the gun, hugging her head to his chest and began speaking in her ear.

"It's ok, Melody. You're safe. You don't have to do this. Wake up, love. It's me. You're not a weapon. You don't have to listen to the voices. You can choose who you want to be. You're my Melody Williams. You are loved. You are River Song. You are strong. You are Melody Pond. You are good. Please, baby. Put the gun down. You are not a psychopath. Wake up. This is not who you are anymore. Wake up."

He kept trying to whisper in her ear, Brian still keeping a tight grip on her as well. Finally, her hand went limp as first she looked down at the gun in her hand, and then she looked up at Rory, a sheen of unshed tears in her eyes.

"Daddy?" she said in a small voice.

Rory ignored his father's startled face, concentrating on his own child.

"Yes, River. You're ok. I've got you. You're alright. Everything's fine. Shh." He rocked her as she shivered with the horror of her almost- actions. "You're ok. I'm here."

She finally dropped the gun into his hand, which he swiftly handed to the Doctor, who put it as far away from her as he could.

Amy came and wrapped her arms around her, as River apologized to all of them for what had happened. Then she turned to the Doctor.

"Oh, Sweetie- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my love. I couldn't stop it. I'm sorry."

He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly until she calmed down.

"I wasn't worried. You're my River Song. My wonderful, impossible wife. You would've found a way."

After taking a deep breath and letting out a loud sigh, she finally pulled away from him and turned to her parents and grandfather.

"I'm so sorry for worrying everyone."

"Now, don't start," insisted her mother. "It's not your fault. And it all turned out alright."

"It seems we still don't know everything they did to you. I expect, all things considered, it's going to take quite a while before all effects of your training are completely gone," said her father, ever the nurse.

"Now that that's over I think this calls for a nice calming cup of tea while someone explains to me what just happened," said Brian.

A small while later they were all sitting around in some of the Doctor's comfy chairs, finishing the end of their explanations to Brian, who seemed to be taking it rather well.

"So, Mels is you?"


"And you're ok with this?" He asked his Rory and Amy.

"Have to be. She's still our daughter, no matter what life she's in," responded Amy.

"Well, in that case, I've just got one more thing to say."

"What's that?" Rory asked warily.

"As your grandfather, River- or do you prefer Melody?"

She smiled. "Either's fine from you."

"Well, as your grandfather, River, I must say that the Doctor's way too old for you."

She threw her head back and laughed at this statement- more used to opposite comment from people ignorant of their situation.

"Well, what can I say, Brian? My husband's a cradle robber."

"It doesn't count, Mrs. Robinson," whined the Doctor, wrapping his arms tighter around her middle as he put his chin on her head. "Especially considering we're part of the same long- lived species."

"So, you're a different species altogether then?"

"More like an enhancement on human. I don't age the same way unless I choose to, and I do have some physical strengths and abilities normal humans don't possess, but I'm not nearly as alien at this one." She pointed behind her.


"I didn't say alien was bad, My Love."

Amy yawned in the corner, content in the peace that had once more settled on her family.

"I think it's time the missus and I went back to bed. River, I think it best if I lock up all your weapons tonight. You can get them back in the morning."

"But Daaad," she teased.

"No buts, young lady. I expect you to behave and not shoot at anyone for the rest of the night," he played along.

"Muuum," she whined to Amy, a smile playing on her lips.

"You heard your father. No guns for the rest of the night."

"You guys are no fun," she pouted as her parents each kissed her on her forehead before turning to go back to their room.

"This has certainly been an interesting night," declared Brian. "I expect nothing we do tomorrow- hang on a minute. That's why you're here."

"What?" asked River, not completely following his train of thought.

"The Fathers Celebration thing. Rory. You're spending it with him."

"Of course. He's my father."

"And I'm your grandfather. Goodnight, Granddaughter," he smiled.

"Goodnight, Grandfather," she returned the grin.

When Brian went home the next night, it was with 4 different species of alien plants, 3 new postcards to send to his friends, 2 days worth of unforgettable memories, and 1 very special promise from his granddaughter that she would be by to visit him as often as possible, keeping him updated on her many adventures.

He settled back into his normal routine, but only after he bought a special frame for the picture of him, his son, his daughter- in- law, his granddaughter, and his alien grandson- in- law all on a planet far, far away from the ordinary.

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