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News round-up

Video of David and Matt discussing the sadness of regeneration:

Audio of Matt singing in American Psycho (also, image gallery here):

Video of a Dalek decorating a Christmas tree:

Paul McGann interview:

Noel Clarke continues to delight with his mission to post selfies with the whole Doctor Who cast.
Here's one with Camile Corduri:

Video: Christmas special of Jack's Old Boat, a Bernard Cribbins' children's show with Freema Agyeman and written by Russell T Davies. Will   only be available for the next three days and UK-only.
Video: Full Eleventh Hour panel from Doctor Who Celebration.
Video: Steven Moffat talks about the introduction of the Daleks in 1963
Video: A skit by Blogtor Who, includes an intro by Peter Capaldi and hellos from various other Doctor Who cast at the end.
Video: David Tennant and other theatre actors sing and dance a Christmas song for charity.
Video: Watch 'Sherlock' mini-episode 'Many Happy Returns'
Video: Fan-edited clip of the final moments of Hurt's Doctor in the 50th, now with 100% more Eccleston.
Video: Karen Gillan plays an original composition on the piano.
Interview: With Jenna Coleman.
Interview: Steven Moffat talks about Eccleston's absence from 50th.
Interview: With Matt Smith.
Article: About the missing Doctor Who episodes and other missing stuff.
Article: Blue Peter contest winners announced (mild S8 spoiler)
Article: Ten things that prove the Whoniverse exists in our world.
Article: In a similar vein, evidence that time-travel is happening all around us.
Article: Quotes from Steven Moffat about various Doctor Who 50th things and Peter Capaldi. And another one. And another about Eccleston.

As for The Time of the Doctor stuff, here's a news item round-up for it and other DW things and here's a video round-up including 3 released clips.
Also, speculation about who is Tasha Lem, and Steven Moffat teases about Matt's Smith's last story.
And TotD interviews on BBC website with Steven, Matt, Jenna and Orla Brady.
And interview with Jenna.
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