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More missing episodes rumours. EDIT: Denied.

Bleeding Cool and i09 have uncovered new details relating to the recent rumours of missing episodes of Doctor Who being found. They relate to Phil Morris, who has devoted himself to searching for lost Doctor Who episodes and appeared in a Radio 4 show in 2009 talking about it, having found and shipped over 3 tons worth of BBC tapes from abroad, which include some lost episodes of Doctor Who.
The BBC have issued a statement neither confirming nor denying. I imagine, if true, there might be some negotiations going on, what with Morris probably wanting to sell the whole 3 tons to the BBC and the BBC probably wanting to catalogue the whole shipment and buy only what they need. I'll just be here, freaking out, while they take their time to sort things out.

EDIT: Radio Times with clarification and denial from the BBC:

“There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered - however we cannot confirm any new finds,” a statement says.
Can’t confirm? What does that mean? Does this meant that it may be true but they can’t confirm or that the can’t confirm because they have no information to this effect? Can they not confirm because it isn’t true?
“We can’t confirm because it’s not true as far a I’m aware,” the spokeswoman adds.
But are they talking to Morris? Or anyone with lost episodes.
“I don’t think so?”
So there are no episodes?
“Not as far as we know.”
So there we have it.

Blimey, getting a straight answer from them is like pulling teeth.

EDIT2: Statement from Phillip Morris to put to rest any rumours of found missing episodes and explains what the shipments really are. Sorry, folks.

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