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'Bells' airtime, Entertainment Weekly covers, David Tennant, Chris Chibnall, RTD: Old Jacks Boat

The first episode of 7b, The Bells of St John, will air on BBC One on Easter Saturday, 30 March at 6.15pm.

Spies of Warsaw to air on BBC America on April 3 at 9/8C. The site includes a bunch of video interviews with David Tennant.
Audio interview with Chris Chibnall about Broadchurch (and The Great Train Robbery). Here's a Radio Times article with top 10 suspects, you can vote. DT's character is on the list :)

RTD's second episode of Old Jack's Boat is on iPlayer: 1x16 Grandpa Pops (previous one was 1x05 The Moon Maiden). If you need yet another reason to watch a show with Freema Agyeman in which Bernard Cribbins tells you stories, here you go:

Doctor Who 7b features on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! See the 2 covers below (first includes picture of Cyberman from Gaiman's episode):
[2 large images (click to open)]
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