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Oswin's jobs question

Did they actually explain why she lived a double life as a nanny/barmaid? Or is it one of those Moffat saint/whore things?
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Yeah, I'm not picking up a saint/whore dichotomy either, although Oswin is definitely no exception to the fact that his recurring female characters do seem to be very sexual and find excuses to wear sexy clothes- not that some women aren't and don't, and with Amy it was initially kind of refreshing, but by now Amy, River, and Oswin have all acted towards the Doctor in ways that are essentially harassment, and would be very, very uncomfortable for many viewers if the genders were swapped. Eleven is like this clueless virgin who's constantly receiving completely unsolicited attention (that is portrayed as desirable) from each of the sexy, flirtatious women in his life. So I don't think it's a saint/whore dichotomy, but it is very much playing into the popular male fantasy of being surrounded by attractive women who are all sexually available if you were to only make a move.

That said, at least he's stopped passing off any hints of a character being LGBT as a joke (seriously, the horse in A Town Called Mercy was just a new low) and has written a three-dimensional lesbian couple! And they're not stereotypical at all! Yay!


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