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Oswin's jobs question

Did they actually explain why she lived a double life as a nanny/barmaid? Or is it one of those Moffat saint/whore things?
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I see Clara as Eliza Doolitta; saving up her money to take lessons so she could get a proper job like a "Lady" in a shop. It was the Victorian age, it is Britain, so wouldn't there be a class issue as to what she did? It could as easily been scullery maid, street vendor selling flowers to buy books. If she was an orphan, and grew up someplace like Coram House, or parents could afford a decent girls school, it is possible she was trained Jane Eyre like to become a governess, ladys maid/Housekeeper, even a clerk. But if she was working class, the issue would have been being able to afford education and getting the references so a well heeled family would hire her. Maybe Clara was designed to be someone between Jane Eyre and Thackery's Becky Sharp?
And go easy on Moffat. Although I think/hope the Rosita/Professor Lake thing was inspired by Don Quixtote and Dulcinea, Davies' Rosita was a street walker and who Lake choose to his Nanny.
I think both Moffat and Davies see themselves as representing everyday people, and they seem to feel the Doctor prefers independent working class women like Donna, Rose, Amy, and now Clara who may not be as accomplished as or as fortunate as Martha or Sarah Jane, with family support to reach a goal.


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