John (mitchellxl5) wrote in doctorwho,

Oswin's jobs question

Did they actually explain why she lived a double life as a nanny/barmaid? Or is it one of those Moffat saint/whore things?
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It doesn't read as a saint/whore thing to me; I'm curious how one could even get that without actively trying to read sexism into everything that drops from Moffat's pen.* Clara does most of her flirting as a governess, after all. And the point seems to be that no matter what time period she pops up in or how many double lives she leads, she always stays the same person, no matter how difficult or improbable that may be for her situation.

* Moffat has problems, yeah, but they're specific recurring tics, and saint/whore dichotomies never really struck me as one of them--he doesn't tend to write 'saints,' for one, and while the sexuality of his female characters is often obnoxiously fuelled by his own fantasy, it doesn't really stigmatize them or bar them from roles that are open to less-sexualized characters.


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