John (mitchellxl5) wrote in doctorwho,

Oswin's jobs question

Did they actually explain why she lived a double life as a nanny/barmaid? Or is it one of those Moffat saint/whore things?
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The Governess - not Nanny. Very different - was I suspect to prove that she could. Note the line "Oh just like a man. Sweet little Clara, works in the Rose and Crown, ideas above her station. Well I'm not sweet or little." Clearly she wants to improve herself/prove people wrong. Hence becoming a governess.

As for the Barmaid, presumbly that's what she did before she became a governess - see the line above. As for why she was doing it in this episode, that was also explained.

"Elsie's back this afternoon, and I was only helping out."

Clearly one of the other barmaids had had to go away and Clara agreed to help out for a few days.


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