Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote in doctorwho,
Matthew Harris

Lines a different Doctor could have said, lines a different Doctor couldn't have said:

Probably many of you are aware of the video where Sylvester McCoy is given Matt Smith/The Eleventh Doctor's "HELLO STONEHENGE" speech to read from The Pandorica Opens, and cold reads it in character as The Seventh Doctor. As Seven, he gives a different take on it than Matt Smith did, but it still comes out fairly well.

It got me thinking: there are some lines in Doctor Who that any Doctor could have done, although perhaps not as well, but perhaps sometimes better. But some lines, I think, would have fallen flat in the mouths of different actors/Doctors.

So, kind of as an open question: what speeches could have been transposed, and which couldn't have? Could the Tenth Doctor said "Good men don't need rules"? Could the Ninth Doctor made the "Time Lord Victorious" speech? Would the Fourth Doctor have insisted to Barbara Wright that "You can't rewrite history, not one line!"

It is a pretty open question, come up with as many examples, classic and revival, as you like.
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