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This time, no universe is safe...

Hello again, everybody!

Got this in my message box on DeviantArt and thought you'd all like to see it. The artist is Kevin Bolk and this is a sequel to one of his comics called "Ensign Sue Must Die," where, from my understanding, a Mary Sue makes it onto the Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series and causes chaos. This time around, our favorite man makes an appearance:


Here's a link to the Deviation and here's a link to Kevin Bolk's DeviantArt profile.  If you go to his "Characters by K-bo" album, you'll see that he's even done quite a few cards featuring the Doctors and his enemies over the years.  Be sure to leave him a comment if you enjoy his work.  I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Anywho, Happy Saturday!

P.S.  Why on Earth do you think Spock has a Pokeball?  0.o

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