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New Community Announcement: Who @ 50

If I may make so bold...

There isn't ever going to be another 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who - who_at_50 is a community where fans of the greatest television show of all time can come together to mark that occasion and celebrate it together. It's a place for people to post about the anniversary itself, about 50th anniversary-related media and news, meta about what Who means to them, details of RL events they're participating in or organising to celebrate, or just general japery. Fan fiction, fan art, fan vids, fan mixes and other forms of creativity are all more than welcome.

There are going to be monthly ficathons, one a month for the duration of the anniversary year and covering all of the Doctors to date, starting in January with Eleven and counting down to the anniversary itself in November 2013. Check out the sticky post at the top of the comm for scheduling details.

All fans of Doctor Who and its various spinoffs, of whatever age, duration or era are more than welcome - hopefully together we can play our part in making 2013 a year to remember.
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