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Hello, again!

Don't you find it odd how when you're not looking for something, you find massive quantities of it everywhere you see, but when you start actually searching for it, you can't seem to find it anywhere? I am in a similar situation.

I unfortunately live in the middle of the desert, but I'm lucky enough to go back up north to home for a nice holiday, (hopefully) with lots of snow. In my excitement, I wanted to look at pictures of the Doctor (perferably the tenth, but any reincarnation will do) happy in the snow. But I can't find any! I've been searching for hours, but to hold off my frustration, I decided to ask for your help. Does anyone have such photos? I'd prefer to have nice, high quality ones or even fun photoshops, because I wanted it as the wallpaper for my Droid, and in order for it to look good, the pictures have to be big and HD. I'd especially love one with David Tennant looking up and grinning, like in The Waters of Mars.

Thanks so much!
Tags: fun, wallpapers
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