longingtochange (longingtochange) wrote in doctorwho,

A Playful God...maybe?


I have this thought in my head that just won't go away and I have to share it with someone, so who better than my fellow Whovians? If I had any conviction, I'd write something out of this, but alas. Anyway!

I bought the stuffed talking Tardis plush the other day. At night, after turning out all the lights, I love pressing the hidden button on the doors and making it light up and sing its lovely...whatever that sound is called when it transports. Can't get enough. So I thought one night, what if someone, somehow, had a model tardis and everytime they press a button, the actual Tardis teleported somewhere and somewhen completely random? Maybe they made a stuffed version out of special cloth, or maybe they reached into the cracks in time like 11 did, and fashioned it out of a piece of the actual Tardis. Maybe it's an unknowing fan of the Doctor who has no idea what they are doing. Or maybe it's a tricky, playful, God-like creature. Just wondering if anyone has had this sort of idea before. This idea is totally up for grabs, if it inspires you, just be sure to leave me a link!

Tags: fun
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