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On a world of children, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory are the only Grownups. And now the Sheriff has put out an APB on them. He gets a call from a construction site, where the workers have never seen a Grownup before...

Title: Grownups
Author: betawho
Rating: PG
Characters: OCs, (Mentions of the 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory)
Words: 966

Author's Note: This is a little treat for everyone who read "Youth is Wasted on the Young." This is a sort of mini-episode. A little "behind the scenes" story that takes place early in the novel. Because, while the Doctor, Amy and Rory have never seen a world full of children before, most of the children on that world, have never seen a Grownup... (Read More...)
Tags: stories
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