greenpear (greenpear) wrote in doctorwho,

Doctor Who Network Analysis

In my job I work with a fairly sophisticated network analysis tool. It is capable of making sense of some very large networks. With that in mind I decided to see what it would do with Doctor Who. Below is the tiny version.

Larger version is under the cut

This network is done by compiling which stories each character appeared in. The an out-degree metric was applied and the result, generally, was that the more connections a character had, the larger the node would be.

I plan on continuing this by producing networks for each Doctor. Obviously the Eleventh Doctor's network is unfinished but I will update as the story unfolds.

I'm working up to a 50th anniversary network.

If anyone is interested in the greater details, let me know and I will try to document more of what is going on in the network.

Large version of the NetworkCollapse )
Tags: academia
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