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News and Interview Round-Up

Here's an endearing interview with Mark Sheppard conducted by the 12-year-old son of an SFX interviewer. Matt Smith pops in half way through!

Was the Eleventh Doctor the band manager of The Beatles? This real archive photo suggests so:
Moffat on Twitter says: "Bloody hell!!! Clearly we"re going to make that episode!! Wonder what it will be like."Collapse )
John Barrowman at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Video links here.
Gary Russell video interview
Karen Gillan on Twitter
The Mill has been nominated for a BAFTA Craft Award for their visual effects work on Doctor Who. More info on nominations here.

David Tennant is in Poland filming The Spies of Warsaw for the BBC. You can hear him as Malvolio on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night here on the iPlayer worldwide until the 12th May and as Escalus on Romeo and Juliet here for the next 12 days, or download it as a podcast here (available for 5 days)

Colin Baker participates in the programme Get Your House in Order, featuring a DW Collector.

Interview with Katy Manning on Radio Times

Steven Moffat on the role of the companion on Radio Times.

New series from the SJA crew Wizards vs Aliens has started filming. See here for casting and a photo of the protagonists.

In the radio program On the Box: Dishing the Dirt, Michael Grade about the time he axed Doctor Who. In the programe Grade talks with the people who brought the show back and currently in charge of it, such as RTD, the Moff, Lorraine Heggessey, Jane Tranter and Mal Young. Can be heard here for one week here on BBC iPlayer. Also can be heard on Blogtor Who.
Steven Moffat talked about the 50th anniversary: "It is a concern to stamp the word 50 on a series because it should be brand new every few years. But its great as it does give you an excuse for a party and an excuse to take over television again."

Radiophonic Workshop Pictures released

Part Two in an online series on the origins of Doctor Who shows an internal report on science fiction drama on television at the time the program was being planned. Here's part one, in case you missed it.

A documentary about BBC Television Centre will air on BBC Four Thursday 17th May.

There's going to be a Doctor Who Night on French television, which will include broadcast of classic serials and exclusive interviews. No airdate yet, but more info here.

You can buy a comic featuring the Tenth Doctor for charity, both print and ebook versions available.
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