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Amy's Choice - not happy

Just seen it and haven't read all the posts yet but this isn't really about plot points anyway.

I'm afraid this episode has kind of broken my sea walls which have been bravely holding back the waves of discontent so far but less and less convincingly. I officially don't like this series. Oh yes this episode was clever, and had some funny lines and a decent sense of pacing but.. I just don't like these people. Why am I watching them? A Doctor who looks like a bored schoolboy and acts like a cross between an annoying swot and an emotionally constipated Little Hitler. A companion who is basically a brainless spoilt brat, so sure of her own good looks or at least legs, she doesn't spare any time to be warm or likeable and who treats her boyfriend like dirt. And the boyfriend - whose friends would long ago have staged an intervention and told him the fourth time she cheated on him or at least told him she might, that he should just settle for someone less pretty and more boring but basically nicer.

Yes I knoooow it was all meant to be about the opposite; that you're meant to believe Amy really really loves Rory, that Rory isnl' a hopeless outclassed bore (jeez he makes Mickey the Idiot looks scintillating) and that the Doctor .. well actually I don't know what you're meant to think about the Doctor. Something good I suppose. But I don't. I especially don;t think Amy would last ten munutes married and pregant to Rory in Duller Leadworth. I admit it, I just want Ten back (and the RTD era writing him)  - who was warm and loving and a force of nature and would fight the world for good and made me feel somehow BETTER just by watching him. I don't need Dr Who to make me cynical - I have the rest of my life to do that. It's strange that making this programme into more of a kid's show in some ways seems to have stripped it of its heart and its faith in, yes, humanity.

No complaints about Nye really; he wrote a tight ship and showed an admirable grasp of the dynamics for a first Who ep.I have to say I have to think the misogyny and misanthropy in equal turns came from Moffat's steer of the series.

Also I am now convinced Rory will die somehow-heroically at end series and so become River's "the best man I ever knew"; how are they going to get rid of him otherwise, and the idea of him and Amy following the Doctor round as a dull married couple is just too tedious to bear. (God compare the pallid sullenness of this trio to the shining charisma that was Ten, Rose and Jack! I could weep :(
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