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back from the dead to save you all from yourselves

The Doctor takes on the Tories

This from the Mirror:

Doctor asks 'Who could vote Tory?'

Fans watching Doctor Who tonight will see a message blasting the Conservatives, according to show insiders.

The Time Lord will land on a space station called Starship UK during an election and discovers that people ignore how terrible things used to be before casting their vote.

A livid Doctor says: "Once every five years everyone chooses to forget what they have learned. That's democracy."

A source said: "This almost echoes what Labour has been saying about how people should not forget what they learned in the 80s. They think the Tories will drag the country down again and it looks like the Doctor feels the same."

The show's new star, Matt Smith, has declined to reveal who he will be voting for but executive producer Steven Moffat said this month: "I hope the Tories don't win."

So! Thoughts? Mine: good on Steven if so, but the media got excited enough when they recently found out about the show's anti-Tory agenda in the 80s. How they will react to a contemporary anti-Tory story remains to be seen.
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