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Question about Tenth Doctor and River Song

I was watching Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead today, and I was wondering about something.

When River Song first sits down the Doctor to compare notes and figure out where in their personal timeline they are, she asks him if he's experienced a couple of things, Byzantium, I think, and Asgard. So, this implies that they have these particular adventures while he's in his tenth incarnation, right? Even if their relationship spanned several regenerations, it certainly seemed like she spent a pretty good portion of time with him as his Tenth regeneration. So, knowing there's a regeneration coming up soon, when does this happen, exactly?

Maybe this has all been discussed before so I apologize if this is going over old stuff, but I'm a new fan, so it's all new to me. Did the writers know at the time that they wrote those episodes that David Tennant was going to be leaving?

Oooh, and another thing -- is there any one Doctor Who podcast out there that I should absolutely be listening to?
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